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Welcome to your one stop resource for everything related to the creation of online courses.

You will be able to stop trading dollars for hours when you create an online course......and you will get guidance, hand holding and direct feedback every step of the way! 

You will be able to create a course so you can serve more people....and you won't have to struggle for months wasting time trying to figure it out yourself!

 You will be able to increase your income working less hours.....and won't get stuck on the things that most creators get held up on such as the technical part of creating an online course.

Let's work together and create your online course!

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Let's Work Together on the 4 Phases of Course Creation!

Phase 1

Phase 1 requires the proper planning to lay a solid foundation for your course. This includes mapping out all of the moving parts and details ahead of time. This includes validating your course idea, identifying your ideal student, and getting clear on the solution your course offers your students. Creating a comprehensive course outline that provides the step by step learning path for your student sets the stage for positioning your course in the marketplace as well as the creation and delivery of your course.

Phase 2

You'll want to create an online course that is engaging, encouraging, and motivates your students so that they will achieve the desired results. Phase 2 includes learning how to select and use course creation equipment and software. You will be writing your course script, creating and recording your training videos and developing your worksheets. Managing your course assets and all the moving pieces is critical to prevent overwhelm.

Phase 3

Phase 3 is where everything comes together. Once your course assets are created you will want to deliver them using a professional, easy to navigate course platform that protects your content. You will need to process credit card payments. Setting up an email program and integrating it is important so you can communicate with your students. If you are not "techy" this can be the biggest hurdle you will encounter. This is where most course creators give up if they don't have the right support.

Phase 4

Phase 4 includes not only selling your course but marketing it as well. Selling your course includes creating a high converting sales page that includes a well thought out offer. You'll want to consider offering pricing tiers, payment plans, trial offers, coupons, bonuses and upsells. Marketing is all about monetizing your course and can be done via live speaking events, Facebook ads, webinars, email marketing, live streaming, and partnering with affiliates.